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            What is a Concurrent User License?

            This license offers a lower-priced option to libraries by restricting the number of authorized users to read fulltext of licensed works online
            Under this license, any number of library users may use the site for searching, previewing and making reading lists.

            The restriction applies to the number of users who may be actively reading a title in full-text mode at any given time.

            “Actively reading” means that a user has opened a title with access to all pages.

            When the user navigates away from reading a title, the lock is released and the concurrent user limit is removed.

            What happens when the Concurrent User limit is reached?

            When the limit is in force, users attempting to open a title will see only preview pages with a message that the title is temporarily unavailable due to license restrictions.

            Concurrent User License Options

            There are two forms of Concurrent user license: by Account and by Title.

            The Complete and Documents Subscription licenses limit concurrent users by Account. The Irwin Law subscription collection limits concurrent users by Title, allowing no more than the limit to read a given title simultaneously. Thus, with 250 titles in the collection, theoretically 750 users in one account could be reading fulltext simultaneously.

            How can the Concurrent User limit be raised?

            This limit is intended to provide a lower-priced option for libraries seeking full access to the service. Since online books are typically used for only brief intervals, the model will be adequate for smaller libraries.)

            You can use the “Access Denied” category in your usage report to assess how frequently turnaways are occurring.

            To raise the limit, upgrade your account to an unlimited license, which is reasonably priced for smaller libraries.

            What about Downloads?

            To maximize online availability, downloads are not permitted under the Concurrent User license.
            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 02:48 PM
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