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Last Updated: Sep 08, 2017 01:13PM EDT


Private Hosting allows for submission of DRM or any other content specific to an Institution to be hosted beside their desLibris Content.

For Example: Institutions can have courseware they own uploaded to the desLibris for encryption to both the desLibris proprietary DRM and the Sony DRM standards. This would then allow the content to be viewed both online an in the eReader solutions available for iOS and Android.

Please contact if you wish to enable Private Hosting for your Institution.

Process Overview

Please log into

Single Title Submission

  • Under the Content Provider -> Private Hosting Menu select New Title
  • Enter the Required Meta Data or pull it from BiblioShare based on the Electronic ISBN
    Select Either:
    • A file previously uploaded through My Files
    • The PDF File itself from your file system
  • Submit

Once submitted the following will happen:

  • A CEL Team member will review and approve the Title
  • The Title will be delivered to desLibris
  • A MARC record will be available as soon as the title is published to desLibris
  • A Preview PDF will immediately be available to your Institution Only
  • The Original PDF will be sent for desLibris Proprietary encryption
  • Within a week, the encrypted file will appear in desLibris and be fully available to the Institution
  • The Title will then be sent to Sony for Encryption
  • The Title is now available to be read Online and in the iOS and Android eReaders

Related Features

Batch Upload

Since many large files need to be processed at once CEL provides the My Files interface which is available off the menu. This interface will allow the uploading of multiple files, in sets of 10, to the system that can be selected later on from the Private Hosting Pages.

  • Select My Files from the Top level menu
  • Select the Upload Button on the top right
  • Drag your files onto the page
  • Select Upload
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