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Last Updated: Sep 05, 2017 01:34PM EDT


Document Provider is currently in Beta Testing

Document Provider allows for submission of a Public Document or Open Access Title to desLibris by an Agency.

If you wish to participate in the Document Provider Beta please contact and let them know that you would like to participate in the Beta

General Instructions

The Document Provider account allows desLibris Library subscribers to load new titles for inclusion on the platform. In summary, the account allows for easy upload of metadata and PDFs by authorized users. But final editing and approval of titles for inclusion are done by desLibris editors, so submission of a new title does not guarantee that it will appear in the desLibris service.

To submit a document to CEL with a Document Provider or Private Hosting account, you must provide

  • An original source file, which is a PDF or a url/link to a PDF that may be retrieved online
  • Basic metadata

When a submission has been made, your document will appear on the “Manage Content” page until it has been processed by a CEL Team member.

Process Overview

Please log into

Single Title Submission

  • Under the Content Provider -> Document Provider Menu select New Document
  • Enter the Required Meta Data
    Enter in Either the:
    • URL that goes directly to the PDF
    • The PDF File itself
  • If the Document exists the system will let you know.
  • Submit

Batch Title Submission

  • Under the Content Provider -> Document Provider Menu select Batch Submission
  • Download the Excel Template File
  • Fill in the Excel Template File
  • Copy the records from the Excel Template File and paste into the available text box
  • Press the Review button
  • Review the records on the screen
  • If they are ok then press Submit

When the required info is in the system, the file will be submitted to the standard desLibris ingestion process, where these steps will happen:

  • Further metadata added by desLibris Editors
  • An encrypted file will be created for the desLibris online reader.
  • The title will be approved and published in DL, where it will be available to subscribers in fulltext and to the public in preview form.
  • The PDF link will be visible to the public; Download PDF is available only to subscribers.
  • A MARC record will be available as soon as the title is published.
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