Founded in 2005, Canadian Electronic Library (CEL) is the corporate body which developed the desLibris platform. CEL is a "Content Provider" or "Aggregator."

The "Canadian Electronic Library" is the brand name which was used to define the content that CEL provided to libraries on the ebrary platform starting in 2005.

These subscription collections were offered on the ebrary platform under the Canadian Electronic Library brand:

Content Collection Name
Public Documents Canadian Public Policy Collection
Public Documents Canadian Health Research Collection
Books Canadian Publishers Collection
Books Bibliothèque numérique canadien français
Books Irwin Law Collection
Books Ulysses Travel Guides

In 2014, CEL created and launched its own ebook platform for libraries under the brand name "desLibris."

In June 2016, CEL ceased updating (adding new content) to the above CEL subscription collections on ebrary. This content is now available exclusively on the desLibris platform.

The subscription content will remain available on the ebrary platform to all CEL subscribers holding active subscriptions in 2016 until their subscription terms expire. The last set of new MARC records (corresponding to content delivered in June) will be loaded to ebrary partner sites in August 2016.

To assist current subscribers in making the transition from CEL/ebrary to desLibris, we offer the following pages.


Titles licensed for Perpetual Access

Replacing MARC